CADORA Inc. (CAnadian Dressage Owners & Riders Association) is presently made up of the members of some 20 ± local groups from coast to coast.

CADORA is managed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership. Every province, regardless of number of members, is eligible to send one director to the national board. Those provinces having more than one hundred members can elect one additional director for every one hundred CADORA members in the province beyond the initial one director, to a maximum of five directors in total. Each province has the responsibility of carrying out election of directors prior to the Annual General Meeting, which is held before December of each year.

The CADORA Executive consists of:

a) President

b) Four Vice-Presidents (as required):

  1. Atlantic: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland & Labrador
  2. Eastern: Ontario & Quebec
  3. Western: Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan
  4. Pacific: British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories

c) Honorary Secretary

d) Treasurer (or Bookkeeper)

All members of the executive are elected by and from the board of directors at its first meeting after the Annual General Meeting. The President and Vice-Presidents must have served at least one term on the board prior to taking office.

History of CADORA

CADORA was developed out of a perception by a few individuals with a strong interest in classical dressage that there was a need for a national body in order for this sport to develop in a manner that was consistent with the principles of dressage as formulated by the international governing body of equestrian olympic disciplines, the F.E.I.

With this objective in mind, CADORA was incorporated April 1, 1969 as a national non-profit organization dedicated to the development of dressage in Canada with a uniform system of training for riders.

Currently there are some 15 individual groups, some with only five or six members, others with over two hundred. In order to develop a provincial program and to be compatible with provincial government sport administrations, provincial associations have been formed.

At the national level, CADORA programs are designed to foster a logical development of dressage by providing encouragement through competitions,awards programs and clinic guidelines. As Sport Canada and EC implement broader qualification programs, CADORA's programs change to reflect new needs but always with the focus of improving dressage in Canada.

Purpose & Objectives

The objectives of CADORA as set forth in the charter are:

  • to foster and encourage interest and participation in dressage riding and the ownership of dressage horses
  • to encourage shows, matches, demonstrations and competitions involving dressage riding
  • to collect money and raise funds by way of donations, dues and otherwise, and to hold, invest, expend or deal with same in furtherance of the objects of the corporation
  • to promote the art of horsemanship and bursaries for such purposes

These objectives are sufficiently general to allow CADORA to undertake whatever dressage-related activities its members wish, provided that they are not for profit.

Equestrian Canada (legally known as Equine Canada)
Equestrian Canada is the national sport governing body for all equestrian sports in Canada.


CADORA Chapters

CADORA Ontario
Caroline Peck
Tel: (613) 266-5178
Email: carolinepeckca@hotmail.com


Caledon Dressage
Andrew Woodley
Email: a_woodley@yahoo.com 

Conestoga CADORA

Glanbrook CADORA
Judith Wanner

Tel: (905) 333-5481 
Email: judithwanner@sympatico.ca

London Dressage Association
Lynn Young
Tel: (519) 542-1326
Email: ryoung1@cogeco.ca

Dressage Niagara
Cheryl Semotok
Email: appy_gal@hotmail.com

O.A.D.G. CADORA (Ottawa)
Catherine Maguire

Tel: (613) 294-9810
Email: president@ottawadressage.ca

QSLB Cadora (Belleville)
Erin Colton-Edwards

Tel: (613) 921-8884
Email: el_colton@hotmail.com

Windsor-Essex Cadora
Jenn Bauermann


CADORA Chapters

Angie Szokol
Courtenay, BC
Tel: (250) 338-9512
Email: bigspottedpony@hotmail.com


Heather Cormie

Sidney, BC
Tel: (250) 479-1131
Email: heatherdowne@shaw.ca




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