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1. The award year includes competitions between January 1 and December 31.

2. Each year is a new award year.

3. Awards are based on scores earned in one level (freestyles not included). Each horse/rider combination earning three scores of 60% or higher from three different judges in one competition year at one level becomes eligible for an award.

4. Levels at which awards will be presented are: Training, First Level, Second Level, Third Level, Fourth Level, FEI Pony, FEI Children, FEI Junior, FEI Young Rider, FEI Advanced and FEI Grand Prix (11 award levels). For all FEI divisions, there must be at least one score submitted from each of the two classes comprising the division (E.G. FEI Young Rider, either 2 Team scores and 1 Individual score or 1 Team score and 2 Individual scores.)

5. The horse/rider combination with the highest average of three scores of 60% or higher will be awarded a stall plaque and $200.00. The second highest placed horse/rider combination will be awarded $100.00 and a stall plaque, with the third highest placed horse/rider combination being awarded $75.00 and a stall plaque. In case of ties, the cash award will be divided equally. Certificates of recognition will be given to all top 10 horse/rider combinations as submitted.

6. Only scores from EC Gold (and/or Canadian CDI) competitions will be recorded.

7. When two or more judges are scoring, the average of their scores will count as one.

8. Riders are responsible for sending their scores (as well as the name and date of the competition, the province in which the competition was held and the name of the presiding judge) to the current CADORA Inc. Awards Coordinator no later than December 1st of the current year.

9. Random verification of scores may occur.


1. Riders must be members in good standing of CADORA Inc. in the year that their scores are earned and be members of Cadora Inc. no later than June 1st.

2. Horses and ponies must be owned or leased by a member in good standing of CADORA Inc. in the year that the scores are earned.

3. If the horse is owned or leased by several individuals (e.g. a stable, farm, or corporation, at least one of the principals must be a member in good standing of CADORA Inc. in the year that the scores are earned.

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